Digital Storytelling


Peacehaven Community School Digital Storytelling Project

This workshop was part of a project called The Drug of Art, which, in partnership with the charity The Michael Aldrich Foundation is running workshops and educational programme in schools and community settings designed to build confidence, curiosity, creativity, emotional wellbeing and resilience in children and young adults and help them to express how they feel through a love of art and making.

We worked with a group of young people from the creative writing after-school club and their fantastic teacher Peter Myson, over a three-day workshop. The group were incredibly enthusiastic and creative, going on to their after school creative writing club after a full day of digital storytelling. We worked with plasticine, drawing, videos and still photography and they produced some incredible films which examined themes such as family, loneliness and the power of creativity to take them to a different world.

Here are some of their stories:



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