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Community Storytelling – a collaboration with UCL

A woman's hands holding up an iPad with an image of a hand holding a baby's hand.      Looking over the shoulder of a woman using an iPad to create a digital story.

Digital Storytelling Workshops: 24 May – 14 June 2022, Newham

We facilitated a series of workshops as part of a UCL Grand Challenges small grant-funded project led by Shoba Poduval and Alison Hicks at UCL. The films were written and produced by women from Skills Enterprise (a charity supporting disadvantaged communities in Newham) and examine issues such as trust, community, family and health particularly during the pandemic.  As part of the research, we are exploring if and how we can share the short films, and what impact they could have on people’s views of their own health and how we share health information.

See the films produced at the workshop here.

Read article about the project, published in Disruptive Voices, here.

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