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The Digital Storytelling team at Brighton have led and been part of a number of significant projects, helping to develop the form, understand its potential and help people find voice and audience for many complex issues.

Peacehaven Community School Digital Storytelling workshop

A collaboration with The Drug of Art project and the Michael Aldrich Foundation, this workshop was part of an educational programme in schools and community settings designed to build confidence, curiosity, creativity, emotional wellbeing and resilience in children and young adults and help them to express how they feel through a love of art and making.

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Community Storytelling – a collaboration with UCL

We facilitated a series of workshops as part of a UCL Grand Challenges small grant-funded project led by Shoba Poduval and Alison Hicks at UCL.

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Digital Storytelling for Creative writing/Media students

Photograph of a storyboard and phoneAll Creative Writing and Media students in the Falmer Humanities programme create a digital story as part of a first year module.

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Digital Storytelling for PhD students

Photograph of a storyboard and phonePhD students now have the opportunity to produce Digital Stories about their research in workshops provided by the Doctoral College.



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Digital storytelling with community partners and student volunteers

A ‘train the trainer’  event for a group of community partners enabling them to run their own digital storytelling workshops. They were joined by two students who made stories about their experiences of volunteering with community projects.

Read more about Digital Storytelling with community partners and student volunteers

Digital storytelling with Occupational Therapy students led by David Haines

A group of Occupational Therapy students had the opportunity to attend online digital storytelling workshops facilitated by David Haines, Course Leader BSc Hons Occupational Therapy.

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The Booth partnership: Uncovering the muse (2017)

Banner with items from Booth Collection and a digital overlay of social media dialogue

The purpose of the Digital Storytelling partnership between Booth/RPM and the University of Brighton was to explore the Booth Museum collections and how they can be utilised by academic researchers.

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Moving Stories – Digital Storytelling Migrant Children (2016-17)

Photograph from digital storytelling workshop for migrant children

This collaborative partnership between Blatchington Mill School/Dorothy Stringer School and the School of Humanities at the University of Brighton provided storytelling opportunities for secondary school age migrant children.

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Reading on screen (2016-17)

Person clasps the book 'Everyone' to their chest with crossed arms at the Digital Storytelling event.Reading on Screen was a collaboration between the universities of Bournemouth and Brighton funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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Hidden voices (2016)

logo for Hidden Voices with words on a colourful speech bubble

Hidden Voices was a collaboration with Zap Art & Sussex Prisoners’ Families (SPF) to raise awareness of prisoners’ families (partners, carers, parents and particularly young people and children).

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Story A (2015-16)

Still image of group in South Africa from StoryA Digital Story from The Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyStoryA was an EU funded, international project to enhance the use of digital storytelling to guide young people to self-evaluate and re-imagine their experiences abroad.

Read more about the Digital Stories developed for StoryA…


Silver Stories (2014)

Exhibition booth with title Silver Stories on a wall, a monitor playing films and foamboards with information on project and participants in digital storytellingSilver Stories set out to give digital storytelling training to professionals working in support of the elderly and community social groups and to research the benefits.

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