Digital Storytelling


Digital storytelling for PhD and MA students

Lois Ellett, MA student, University of Brighton: Illustrating Ancient Words for Modern Times

We run workshops for PhD and MA students from any discipline to make digital stories about their research. Digital stories provide a useful tool for researchers to explain their research in a short and highly visual format – a ‘calling card’ for conferences and useful online introduction to their research.

They have found it a useful way of articulating their research for a broader audience and enjoyed the process of writing their stories, often bringing in personal aspects that formed the nugget of their interest in their area of research. Feedback from the story circle of their peers has also significantly  improved their understanding of how people outside their specialist field perceive their research. Using storytelling allows researchers to bring their research to life for their audience and to portray it in a more personal and often moving style.

‘I have really enjoyed your workshops, the process and format and can see the huge potential of digital stories in framing/articulating/presenting research projects at all different stages!’


Nicola Miles, PhD student, University of Brighton:


Gabriela Ramirez Galindo, PhD student at University of Brighton:


Cagliari and Palazzo San Placido by Ilenia Atzori:

Beatriz Arnal Calvo, PhD student, University of Brighton: A digital story by Beatriz Arnal Calvo about the displaced women of the Western Sahara

Julia Winckler, Senior Lecturer, School of Media


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