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Act on Cancer Together project

Act on Cancer Together is a project that aims to reduce health inequalities in Brighton and Hove by increasing the number of early cancer diagnoses and access to appropriate support for those who receive a diagnosis.

It is being delivered in partnership with Hangleton & Knoll Project and Macmillan Horizon Centre, through funding from public health, NHS and Macmillan.

Societal impact: Business as a force for good

We are supporting this project by embedding social marketing principles, and supporting the building of an insight-driven approach to the project. In particular, co-designing a research and analysis process with their community development workers and volunteers, to help them understand how they can best reach, motivate and enable their targeted communities to receive earlier cancer diagnoses. The types of cancers being covered are breast, bowl, cervical and lung cancers.

We’ll be involving learners in this where possible, and currently have one postgraduate marketing learner completing their dissertation on testing and recommending campaign materials for a forthcoming bowel cancer campaign.


Disadvantaged communities (particularly low income and minority ethnic groups) are being targeted to address health inequality, aiming to reduce the gap between diagnosis and treatment.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Act on Cancer Together project meets the following UN global goals:

  • Good health and wellbeing – standard three
  • Gender equality – standard five
  • Reduced inequalities – standard 10
  • Partnerships for the goals – standard 17

UN global goals: Gender equality - 5 UN global goals: Reduced inequalities - standard 10 UN global goals: Partnerships for the goals - standard 17

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Zoe Cassell • April 19, 2023

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