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Brighton student creates new platform to boost access to remote working

Brighton undergraduate Kanoj Vora has teamed up with students in the US and Germany to create a new website to link students and employers for remote work.

Currently in the second year of a BSc(Hons) in Economics, Kanoj co-created the new online platform – called Likeava – to bolster the worldwide surge in remote working. The aim is to provide a place where both employers and employees can connect and match skillsets with desired working patterns on a global rather than local basis. 

“The site helps individuals and businesses connect for remote work with a single click by providing the infrastructure, tools and support before, during and after getting the job,” says Kanoj. “I am certain it can help University of Brighton students, whether they’re a first year who needs work or the third year graduating soon, and facing the uncertain in-person job market.”

Likeava was developed over 2½ years, and is currently free – though a paid option is planned for launch within the next few months. The great news for current Brighton students is that Kanoj is offering them free access for life with a code on checkout on the new launch if signed up to the current version.

“It will give equal opportunity to everyone worldwide for work. Someone in Senegal should be able to access the same opportunity for work as a person in the US, and someone who has a physical handicap deserves the same chance as someone fully able, regardless of gender, race, creed or beliefs. All they need is internet access.”

Kanoj’s motivation to create Likeava came from powerful sources. It started from his hatred of the current system of job applications, spending hours writing cover letters and filling in application forms for just one position. One of the external reasons was seeing the huge impact on his father’s wellbeing after he lost his job in the last recession. Another was a desire to help reduce CO2 emissions caused by commuting to work.

“People need to be able to make choices, including how and where they work,” says Kanoj. “We all deserve to be happy and to do what we love, and it’s unfortunate the current climate is causing fear and scarcity within society. We want to alleviate that, and give the same chances to the many, instead of the few.”

How Likeava works

Kanoj explains briefly how the new site works. “After an individual makes a profile, they search for the type of work they’re after e.g Graphic Design, from there they can choose a job and leave a ‘like’ on it. No more application forms or cover letters that take hours to produce for one job, in which the rejection probability varies between 67-89% (depending on industry).

If the employer likes them back, they become matched – and can then talk on our platform using the chat feature. Employers can offer an employment contract, which individuals can accept, counter or reject. We also provide 1-to-1 support for all users, from checking their portfolio or CV to supporting their mental health.”

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Clare Prust • March 15, 2021

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