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Brighton Open Podcast 4: First year of uni

Brighton Business School alumni, Marvin Okai and Denzil Lawrence, are back talking to us through a new podcast series; BOP (Brighton Open Podcast) about their journey to becoming Chartered Accountants and why they developed their blog Black and in Business to share their experience.

In this fourth episode of the series, Denzil and Marvin chat about their first year, juggling (or not!) their social life, sports teams and lectures, and how they looked to fellow students for support during their studies.

Previous episodes:

You can read more from Denzil and Marvin on their blog: Black in Business. If you want to get involved in their blog, you can contact Denzil and Marvin via their blog – where you’ll also find all their social media details.

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Clare Prust • December 1, 2020

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