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Kreston Reeves open morningEnrichment week. What do students normally do in enrichment week? Go home and have a chilled weekend? Take a short trip? Spend time reading? Or maybe lie in bed watching Netflix all week? Well, I decided to do none of the above and go along to an opening morning in London held by Kreston Reeves, Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisers. The university sent the opportunity round to all students studying accounting and suggested we go along and start to build our professional profiles by attending a networking event.  I was a bit nervous as I have no idea what to do in a networking event.

After a few hours of traveling, I arrived outside feeling a bit apprehensive. The receptionist buzzed me in, and I walked into the office to be greeted by friendly faces.  We were shown into a meeting room and settled down to let the morning officially begin.

During the morning, professional accountants, managers, and students gave us an insight into the industry. I used to think accounting would be an office-based job; just compiling spreadsheets and analysing data. However, I soon found out that this isn’t the case. Accounting and auditing is often more active than you think, accountants often travel to meet with clients at their own offices. I also got to experience the working culture around the office and talked to staff and their colleagues.

At the end of the morning the Q&A session was the most beneficial. It was my opportunity to ask questions more specific to my own situation in one-to-one basis. This way, I could find out about the skills that recruiters look out for from graduates, which will allow me to develop my future employability skills.

Finally, I am truly thankful to the university for providing me with this fantastic networking opportunity. I look forward to attending more events which may help me in my future career.

You’ve got to be there, to be more!

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Tsun Lam • December 20, 2019

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