Graduates 2018: Harry Harwood: Architecture

My current project is the conversion and remodelling of three existing rows of 1970’s, prefabricated concrete, residential terrace houses in Thamesmead to incorporate a community-based food hub, that could fit into a larger productive urban landscape.

It also addresses the sub-brief of including a Child’s Contact Centre that challenges the stigma of children-in-care, through the strategic use of public realm.

Final Section

At the design’s heart, it is a scheme that attempts to minimise waste through reusing and playfully adapting, the maximum amount of the existing concrete structures of the residential, terrace houses to prevent them going to landfill, during the regeneration.

Perspective Section

How have you  found studying Architecture at Brighton?

Undoubtedly, in my opinion, the best part of studying architecture at Brighton University is community spirit that runs throughout the school. Even with averaging 12 hours a day in the studio throughout my 3rd year, this never felt like a chore as I was always surrounded by friends and having fun. 


I believe that the school displays an extraordinary level of diversity in terms of approaches, values and ideas when it comes to design and architecture. However, this spectrum is bound together throughout the school with the theme of social and environmental responsibility and tutors contagious enthusiasm. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed being able to engage in a large variety of extracurricular opportunities such as my time being the President of Brighton Interior Architecture and Architecture Society and helping to introduce the PASS mentor scheme to the school.

Render of Marker

What are your plans after graduation?

Soon after graduation, I hope to find an inspiring practice to help stretch and further my skill set and provide opportunities to rise to professional challenges. If any practices are interested in getting in contact with me, my email is

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