Graduates 2018: Luke Wilson-Taylor: Interior Architecture

I find the concept of influences really fascinating and chose to write my dissertation about the idea of appropriation.
Any creative piece that captures my attention could be traced in my work and in pursuit of a somewhat original idea I would generally try to identify a feeling or emotion portrayed in another discipline and see if this could be turnt into a spatial idea.
My latest project has come from an interest in political satire and so I am trying to see if this could be conveyed through architecture.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation I plan to work as a designer for an architectural firm but I am excited to see the direction my career goes in!
Luke Wilson Taylor
How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton?
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Interior Architecture course at Brighton. It is incredibly tough but constantly stimulating and my tutors are always there to support me. They work around the clock with us and there is a strong sense of community within the department. Brighton has been a great place to study. The area is so enriching and really allows students to grow and develop.
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