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How my degree set me on an unexpected career path

Vibha Daryanani tells us how covering a variety of topics and experiencing different technologies on her Media degree helped her discover a new passion.

Having chosen her Media and Communications degree with an idea of the career she wanted to go into, Vibha found that the wide range of modules and opportunities to experiment with different equipment and technology, opened her eyes to other aspects of media that she enjoyed and discovered she had a talent for.

Vibha also recalls fond memories on the beach with friends and her nostalgia for the vibrant music scene in the city of Brighton and Hove.

How my degree transformed my career path

“My time at the University of Brighton was so important to me. Professionally, I realised the fun of multitasking in media and the multiple components that make up this field. I was able to try out so many aspects of media technology from the editing suite to camera, sound, and even video games. Where I am from in Spain degree courses are much more narrow and structured.

“Thanks to the polyvalent nature of the degree, I have seen my career transform positively from what I wanted to do, which was to be a camera technician – to what I discovered that I truly enjoy and have become good at, which is executive production.”

The effect Brighton had on me

“It’s safe to say I grew up at the University of Brighton. I was 17 when I left the comfort of my home and moved to Brighton, so when I first arrived, I wasn’t even allowed into pubs for a pint.

“I always used to think that older people stick to the music they listen to during their university years, and I never thought I’d be one of them but to this very day, the music I most enjoy live and for anything else is the indie scene which I discovered at Brighton.

“Some of my best memories from Brighton have to do with barbecuing on the pebbled beach with the amazing people I met, many of whom are still very present in my life today.”

My current role and how my degree links to it

“I previously worked for Dorna Sports in Media Executive Production role where I facilitated any images that need to be broadcast on TV or online, published on social media, and shot on the circuit by managing rights, production, budgets, and anything else related to MotoGP racing images.

“After a season traveling the world but only seeing the inside of circuits, I left Dorna for Dicom, which is an advertising agency where I work as a project/production manager utilising the same skills. Though this new role might not be strictly audiovisual, I still do the same things and perform the same tasks but for different clients with different outcomes.”

Proud career moments and what success means to me

“With the help of my degree, I somehow ended up loving something I stumbled upon – production. It has taken shape in many different guises, including that I also now teach at a master degree level and I  have even published a book on production too – these are all proud moments for me.

“I believe that I will have achieved success when I manage to accomplish a balance between loving the job I have and living the life I love. It is something that is extremely important to me and I am slowly but surely getting there. I love to work, but I also love to play. I have many passions outside work which includes events, TV, films, festivals, sports and spending time with friends and family. Recently I have also taken up more sports including being a mountain guide and martial arts teacher.”

My advice for current students

“Make sure you enjoy every moment of your time in the city and at the University of Brighton. You might not realise this in the moment but every second of experience you can soak up is important in shaping your life in the coming years. Enjoy!”

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