Graduates 2018: Ash Lim: 3D Design and Craft

As an artist, I am interested in how people engage with the world around them.  What do they connect with on an emotional, physical or instinctual level and how can I influence this?

How do materials contribute to these interactions; Inherent beauty,  tactile nature?

How can I subvert the use of materials?

Ash Lim

How do people use their perception and pre-conception to make sense of spaces and objects?

Ash Lim

I am interested in the interaction of people with spaces and objects.

It’s about their reaction or behavior in an unconventional space or towards unusual objects.

Ash Lim

What are your plans following graduation?

I plan to apply for a Masters course at Edinburgh Art College called material practice.


How have you found studying 3D Design and Craft at Brighton?

The course at Brighton has been amazing,  the people have been fantastic and I have felt really nurtured and embraced.  Creatively, I have felt that I have been free to choose my own path and discover what I am truly interested in.  Even the essay writing has been, for the most part enjoyable! 

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