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Whether you are from the public, private or charitable sector (UK or abroad) who would benefit from our skills and expertise, a researcher who wants to collaborate with us, a research student who wants to learn from us, an educational establishment who wants to expand their curriculum experience, or a TV company who wants to use our facilities and experience, we are keen to help you.


Our Sport and Exercise Science Consultancy Unit (SESCU) provides high quality sport and exercise science support to elite athletes, corporate clients, TV companies, educational organisations and members of the public. We have a strong commitment to evaluating and maximising the capability of an individual, group or product using a range of techniques that are informed by our research. Our professional, friendly and approachable team aim to provide a cost-effective and efficient service to all our clients.

Within SESCU, one of our key service areas where we can offer support links to the SESCU – Environmental Extremes. Whether you are undertaking a unique challenge in extreme conditions and needing to pre-prepare/acclimate to the environment, you are interested in being screened to see how tolerant you are, your team want education about the conditions you are to experience, or you have a product you want tested under extreme environments, we have the facilities and the experience to help you.


From the soaring heat of the Marathon Des Sables (Sahara Desert, Peru) and Jungle Marathon (Brazil), the freezing temperatures of a North Pole Trek or Marathon and the dizzy heights of climbing Kilimanjaro or into the Himalayas; these are some of the extreme and formidable challenges that we have provided sport science support to over the years. With remote and extreme parts of the world becoming more accessible, along with the need by some to test their physical and mental toughness outside of their busy working lives, the Environmental Extremes Lab and its members are increasingly being asked to provide sport science support to improve the chances of success in these extreme challenges. In all the support we offer, we have three goals: safety, success and enjoyment.

Read about heat chamber acclimation that Elizabet Barnes (MDS winner 2015, 2017) experienced at the University of Brighton on runultra’s blog.


At SESCU we use our in-depth knowledge, research and sport and exercise science theory and application to test  products’ validity, reliability, efficacy and safety within the controlled settings of our laboratories.

We have experience providing support at all stages of the product design process, from helping to establish proof of concept, prototype trials, through to getting the product to market.

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SCHOOL AND COLLEGE VISITS (with focus towards environmental extremes)

SESCU offers a unique experience for students studying GCSE, BTEC and A-Level physical education and sports science. We work with schools and colleges in a number of different ways, helping to improve sport and exercise in schools, and bring the subject to life for students. One area pupils find particularly interesting is allied to environmental extremes.

Tokyo 2020 Programme: Exercise in the Heat

  • 10am-12pm Lab tour, lecture on exercise in the heat, heat tolerance test
  • 12-1pm lunch
  • 1-3pm pre cooling and practical in the heat


The University of Brighton’s Sport and Exercise Science Consultancy Unit can offer tailor made professional training camp programmes within our state of the art sports and laboratory facilities. Ideal for national, international and regional athletes or sports teams seeking performance enhancements, training adaptations and team building exercises within an outstanding location.

We can lead the Training Camps or assist National Governing Bodies through various options, facilities and packages ranging from half days, full days, weekends or week long camps.

We supported the South African Rugby Team ahead of the 2015 Rugby World Cup? We also supported the GB Bobsleigh Team allowing them to evaluate heating shorts on sprint performance in the cold chamber.


SESCU has helped provide facilities, staff support, and expertise for a range of television and broadcast companies. Examples of companies and channels we have worked with include:

  • BBC (Horizon, The Truth About your Medicine Cabinet, South East Today)
  • CBBC (Operation Ouch!)
  • Red Bull TV
  • Gobstopper TV
  • Indus Films

We can support shows investigating the effects of heat, cold and altitude, pre, during or post exercise. We can provide support in our laboratories, or can travel to support crews on location, bringing our equipment and experience with us.

The work we do in supporting a wide range of clients, whether in education or industry also allows us to enrich our students’ experience by providing opportunities for them to develop their applied, scientific and professional skills.

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To find out more make an online enquiry with SESCU or contact Dr Neil Maxwell directly.