Whether you are from the public, private or charitable sector (UK or abroad) who would benefit from our skills and expertise, a researcher who wants to collaborate with us, a research student who wants to learn from us, an educational establishment who wants to expand their curriculum experience, or a TV company who wants to use our facilities and experience, we are keen to help you.

We provide high quality sport and exercise science support to elite athletes, corporate clients, TV companies, educational organisations and members of the public. We have a strong commitment to evaluating and maximising the capability of an individual, group or product using a range of techniques that are informed by our research. Our professional, friendly and approachable team aim to provide a cost-effective and efficient service to all our clients.

One of our key service areas where we can offer support links to Environmental Extremes. Whether you are undertaking a unique challenge in extreme conditions and needing to pre-prepare/acclimate to the environment, you are interested in being screened to see how tolerant you are, your team want education about the conditions you are to experience, or you have a product you want tested under extreme environments, we have the facilities and the experience to help you.

Challenges in Environmental Extremes

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The work we do in supporting a wide range of clients, whether in education, through governing bodies or across different industry sectors also allows us to enrich our students’ experience by providing opportunities for them to develop their applied, scientific and professional skills as well as provide a high quality and professional service.

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