From the soaring heat of the Marathon Des Sables (Sahara Desert, Peru) and Jungle Marathon (Brazil), the freezing temperatures of a North Pole Trek or Marathon and the dizzy heights of climbing Kilimanjaro or into the Himalayas; these are some of the extreme and formidable challenges that we have provided sport science support to over the years. With remote and extreme parts of the world becoming more accessible, along with the need by some to test their physical and mental toughness outside of their busy working lives, the Environmental Extremes Lab and its members are increasingly being asked to provide sport science support to improve the chances of success in these extreme challenges. In all the support we offer, we have three goals: safety, success and enjoyment.

Our three most popular packages are below, but we will support most extreme challenges.

   MDS Package 

Machu Picchu Package                                    Kili Package


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