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Happy New Year, UCAS deadline is coming soon. Have you decided which University to go to? Don’t worry, just take a five-minute break and read this passage.

Back in the day, I was really confused as I not really sure what I wanted to be. I started to think to get good A-Level results were the utmost important thing. With a good A-Level result, it can get me everywhere; a golden ticket to a famous university. Yet I was wrong.

I was chatting with my seniors who were studying in those top universities and they told me that different universities have different teaching styles. Some focus on lectures and some focus on problem-solving based learning… So I started to question myself what suits me the most and I started to do my research around universities.

I came up a conclusion and I chose University of Brighton’s Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) course. As an international student, I chose a location before the ranking of University. I checked the accessibility around the university. Brighton is a really famous place. It has a really nice beach and life in Brighton is never gonna be boring. I like cycling around the seaside. As a result, I chose Brighton.

Brighton Undercliff walk

Looking at other universities I really liked wanted a city-based university compared to a campus-based university because I think I will have more opportunities to blend in. Which means it is easier to make a connection with the community. 

There are a few reasons why I chose this course. First and foremost, I know the world always requires a few types of talents. I eliminated things that I don’t want to be and it left me with either healthcare or a business degree. So I started to pick the location of the university as I would not want to end up in the middle of nowhere for the 3 years of my university life. Also, I would prefer to have a chilled university life instead of a really intense and depressing one.

accounting and finance seminar

Small teaching groups

The Accounting and Finance BSc course will provide students a good insight into being an accountant. Also, when students graduate they will get several exemptions from the ACCA and other accrediting bodies… this actually provides us a kick start in the industry. Also, there are networking nights with companies around the community. This has broadened my opportunities to know more about this industry and it helps me to structure a plan for my graduate life.

Nevertheless, tutors geared us up with advanced research skills through the first academic year. They taught us how to research a company and how to make use of that information. In the second year, we got a brilliant placement team helping us on reviewing our CVs, cover letters and giving us support to apply for placements. They are always there to help.

One thing I like University of Brighton the most is that all of the teaching staff are super friendly. They are always happy to meet up if student got any questions after class.

University of Brighton Business School (Mithras House)


Wish you all the best and hopefully see you soon. If you got any questions, it is always good to ring up and speak to someone in the university or you might want to attend one of the university open days to find out more details about that course.

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