Multifunction Devices


Students can print to any Konica Minolta Multi Function Device (MFD) You can also use these devices to photocopy and scan. You would use your Unicard to release (print) your files.

MFD are available in libraries, computer pool rooms and in the Vis-Comm studios (150, 250 and 350).

You will need your UniCard to logon and access these devices. The cards should have some credit on them or the logon will fail (even if you only want to use them for scanning, which is free).

The MFD are able to print single or double sided, in both mono and colour. Some of the MFD are only for A4 print sizes, but most (including the ones in the studios are for both A4 and A3).

You can upload your work to be printed remotely via your web browserPharos app on your phone/tablet, memory stick or directly from your email account and ‘release’ the prints when you next pass a MFD. You can also print straight to them using the file>print command from which ever software your using on one of the university’s pooled computers located in the libraries, computer pool rooms and the studios. This gives you access to more customisable options.

Also you can use these MFD as stand-alone photocopiers and you can use them to scan images and send them directly to your email.


Logon to the devices by tapping your Unicard against the reader (located usually on the front of the machine).

You pay for printing and photocopying costs via your UinCard and the UniCard online portal keeps a detailed log of all spends, credits and refunds via the Unicard Account History (just like a bank account)

  • A4 Black and White (Single Sided)    4p
  • A4 Black and White (Double Sided)   4p
  • A3 Black and White (Single Sided)    10p
  • A4 Colour (Single Sided)   20p
  • A3 Colour (Single Sided)   50p

Visit to manage your UniCard account online.The minimum amount you can top-up online is £5

Further help

Printing from your laptop

Printing from your mobile device

Printing from an external USB device (memory stick)

Printing from email

Scanning images and sending them to email or saving them to a memory stick

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