Staff – Accessing DSE training

These instructions will only work if you have a staff account.

As you know, Sue McHugh, Director of Campus Development and Chair of Health & Safety Committee, has asked us all to complete our DSE training and assessment online by 30th April.

Here is a quick guide to the process.

In order to start your Display screen equipment (DSE) training and assessment your need to follow this link; DSE training and assessment

This will take them to a screen asking them to sign in to Assessnet™

When you click on the sign-in button you will be taken to the standard university login screen where you will need to login using your university username and password as usual


You will then be taken to this screen, where I recommend that you choose the continue without the manual option

You will then be on your home screen, and from there you need to select the Health and safety tab from the navigation bar


This will take you through to the page where you can select  D.S.E assessments

Where you get another button to click!

This will take you to the page where you can actually start your training!

That’s right, 7 screens to get to the actual training!

If you need any further assistance please contact Sue Mchugh!

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