Congratulations to everyone involved! The heroic efforts of our members led to a very important victory. We have secured commitments from the University that will allow us to tackle gender, race and disability pay gaps, to reduce the use of casualised contract types, to improve workloads and to improve the lives of our postgraduate students who teach.

Our University will be a better place for everybody as a result of our action and this victory. The wording of the resolution is below.

In resolution of the dispute the University commits to:

  1. Work with UCU on an ongoing basis to reduce the use of HPL contracts and outline a mechanism for moving HPLs onto substantive and permanent contracts where appropriate. To support this a target for the reduction of HPL contracts (excluding PGRs) will be agreed with UCU by 31 July 2022
  2. Establish a joint UCU/University Working Group to examine the gender, race and disability pay gaps among academic staff, to review the existing actions to reduce them, and draw up concrete action plans and targets to eradicate these pay gaps. The university will agree additional facilities time for UCU officers to support this work by 31st July 2022.
  3. Introduce, in consultation with UCU, an appropriate workload allocation in support of periodic reviews as these arise.
  4. Consult with UCU, through LCIG, on policy and guidance changes that impact on staff workloads and make appropriate workload adjustments in advance of implementation.
  5. To work with UCU to develop a proposal to support the employment of PGR students on lecturer contracts for planned work to complement the current employment of PGR lecturers through HPL contracts.

On cessation of all industrial action the university agrees not to withhold any pay from staff for partial performance.

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