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Meet Dr Idil Fenercioglu Aydin

Idil Aydin is course leader for the Aerospace Engineering courses at the University of Brighton. Her area of expertise is in experimental aerodynamics, and she loves teaching students about the physics of flight, flight dynamics and aircraft design.

My subject and my experience
I’ve been fascinated by aviation and space since I was young. I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University and started workings as a research assistant during my post graduate studies. This role involved actively supporting teaching in the supersonic wind tunnel and low-speed fluid dynamics facilities.

Subsequently, I earned my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and embarked on a research role in a DLR project at the RWTH-Aachen Shock Wave Laboratory before I returned to ITU to pursue my Aerospace Engineering PhD in experimental aerodynamics.

Following my Post-Doc position at the University of Bath, I had the privilege of teaching orbital mechanics at the Turkish Air Force Postgraduate Academy, while also holding a regular teaching position at ITU, where I conveyed my practice-based knowledge in compressible aerodynamics and experimental methods in fluid dynamics to my students.

What I love about teaching and about Brighton
Teaching and mentoring have always been integral parts to my role, and I derive immense satisfaction from these aspects of my career.

My journey led me to the University of Brighton, where I was captivated by the vibrant engineering research culture and the opportunity to continue my passion for teaching and research.

How I combine my teaching and my professional work in the field
Throughout my career, I maintained industry connections by engaging in collaborative research projects with esteemed organizations like Turkish Aerospace Industries and Havelsan. This collaborative approach ensures that my teaching remains firmly rooted in real-world applications, offering students valuable insights into the practical aspects of aerospace engineering.

Furthermore, I am proud to serve as a technical team member within the NATO Applied Vehicle Technologies Panel, a role that keeps me well-informed about the latest advancements and innovations in the field. This connection to a global network of experts ensures that I can deliver the latest insights and developments to my students, contributing to a dynamic and up-to-date educational experience.

How my subject addresses global challenges
Aerospace technology plays a pivotal role in addressing the critical issue of climate change, and my research is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in this domain. Specifically, my focus is on the development of sustainable and renewable energy generators that can contribute significantly to a more environmentally responsible and sustainable future.

My advice to prospective students would be…
… to embrace their passion for aerospace engineering and remain dedicated to their studies. Stay curious and open to learning, as this field is ever-evolving. Engage in hands-on experiences, make use of the resources available, and seek out internship/placement opportunities to gain practical knowledge.

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to lecturers for guidance and support. At the University of Brighton, we offer a robust support system to ensure students’ success. This includes access to cutting-edge facilities, dedicated faculty and staff who provide guidance and mentorship. Additionally, our academic advisors and career services team offer personalized assistance to help students navigate their academic and career paths.

Student successes that make me proud
I’ve been fortunate to witness numerous student success stories throughout my career, but one that particularly stands out is the journey of a former student who initially had limited prior knowledge in aerospace engineering and faced challenges with language skills.

Through dedication and hard work, this student not only excelled in coursework but also actively engaged in my research projects during his Masters studies that I supervised. Eventually, the student went on to secure a prestigious PhD studentship and started on a career at a renowned aerospace company specializing in space flight systems for NASA.

My student’s transformation from a novice to a successful aerospace engineer is a testament to the power of education and perseverance, and it fills me with immense pride and happiness.

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