Meet Dr Goran Soldar

Goran Soldar is course leader on our Computer Science BSc(Hons) degree.

My journey into teaching
Many years ago, when in secondary school (equivalent to sixth form in the UK), I studied the programming languages, such as FORTRAN 4 and COBOL, that were the computer languages for the computer systems then.

After completing sixth form I went to university and studied Computer Science and Information Systems, which equipped me with the knowledge and skills for software development. Since then, my work always has been in the IT industry, working on various projects.

The best thing about teaching is the ability to pass your knowledge to students and see them succeed in their professional career.

How I combine teaching with my work in the field
The two are closely related. The work in the field, provides with me with opportunities to extend my knowledge, by getting to use new technologies in Computer Science which I am able to apply in the classroom when teaching students.

Students successes that have made me proud
I was most proud when a Computer Science student, Mary Pantiry, was the first student to be warded £10,000 and the placement from Paxton in 2018/19.

Also, one of our students, who graduated in 2023, was on his placement year with IBM where he secured a job with them. He also got a job with Apple in USA which he will start in 2024.

I’ve had several nominations for the best teacher and the best team at the University of Brighton.

How my work relates to global challenges
The global challenges which require modern solutions from computer scientists are present in all spheres of society, from health care, weather forecasts, cyber security, transport etc. The course that I teach provides students with an opportunity to learn how to use modern tools and get ready to address the challenges presented to them once they leave the university.

The important thing is that they need to think deep and carefully before applying, whether computer science is what they want to study. Once they are sure it’s the right decision and they are here, they will enjoy studying computer science and have a fulfilling learning experience.

Finally I’d like to say studying computer science at Brighton is great fun!

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