Pulmonary Maintenance Exercise Classes with BreatheEasy Eastbourne

with the University of Brighton


Our PR programme

What are the classes for?
Many people say that Pulmonary Rehabilitation helps them feel better, but also say that it is difficult to continue to exercise once it has ended. By providing a space where everyone has similar issues with exercise and breathing, it is hoped that you will feel encouraged and supported to be more active, not just in the class but in your day-to-day life.  There will be educational sessions on breathing techniques to help improve exercise tolerance, energy conservation tips, and more.

You will also be helping healthcare professionals develop and learn by participating in this class, the University is committed to helping its students understand and be sensitive to the needs of people with ongoing respiratory conditions.

What will the classes be like?
There will be introductions, so you know who is there with you, then a warmup so you are ready for the class, followed by circuit type exercises for around 60 minutes.

The circuit involves performing an exercise for a set amount of time, followed by a rest period, then moving on to a new exercise station until you have completed all of the exercises. These are designed to be a mix of exercises to build your strength and endurance.  The classes are led by a trained exercise practitioner, who will demonstrate and perform the exercises with you.

After this, there will be a discussion around a topic of your choice. The class lead will prepare some material that you might find useful, and you can contribute by asking questions.

KEY POINTS to remember:
–  MUSCLE ACHES are good, joint aches are bad.
–  REST and HYDRATE yourself throughout the session.
–  Remember BLOW AS YOU GO.
–  Ensure you are working at a high ENOUGH intensity.
–  A useful guide to effort is to exercise until you are BREATHLESS but should NOT be SPEECHLESS.
–  LISTEN to your body, do not push yourself too hard.

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