Pulmonary Maintenance Exercise Classes with BreatheEasy Eastbourne

with the University of Brighton


How to be a part of our programme

What do I need to participate?
You will need to be able to travel to Polegate Community Centre each week. There is plenty of nearby parking. We will send you some more safety information if you decide to join the classes. You will need loose clothing and bring some water. Tea and coffee will be on sale after the class with proceeds going to BreatheEasy to help continue the class.

How do I join the programme?
Either contact Hazel Horobin on email  H.Horobin@brighton.ac.uk or complete our web contact form and ask to participate. We will then telephone you prior to the class for registration and health check. We will do an exercise test before the first class, to help monitor your progress.

What care do we take?
We will register you for the class, so that we know your health status before you start. An experienced exercise practitioner will monitor your condition during the class. We have a leisure centre agreed risk assessment for the classes to help keep you safe, as well as a protocol to manage illness – should you be taken unwell. Emergency equipment is available at Polegate Community Sports Centre too.

Get in touch with us using the form below – please make sure you read our privacy statement before you complete it.

Pulmonary Rehab contact form

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