Pulmonary Maintenance Exercise Classes with BreatheEasy Eastbourne

with the University of Brighton



University of Brighton logoPulmonary Maintenance is in-person group exercise classes undertaken at Polegate Community Centre, by  Eastbourne Breathe Easy Group, in collaboration with the University of Brighton.

If you are interested, then please go to the ‘how to be a part of our programme’ page, and click on the links there to let us know.

The group exercise classes are currently being led by a technical instructor and an experienced physiotherapist with help from physiotherapy students from the University during term time.

It is a two hour, weekly class – consisting of a series of exercises, with both strengthening and cardiovascular components. This is followed by an educational discussion relevant to people with ongoing lung disease.

Anyone that has undertaken Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the NHS before or who has approval from their GP is welcome to join in.

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