Game of Thrones and Geoffrey`s hanging in NZ

King Geoffrey was hanged in New Zealnad, but did he deserve that?

A statue of King Geoffrey was placed in a prime locaton: Aotea Square(large public space in Auckland). The statue complited with a winch and rope arround the neck in scenes reminiscent of those we have seen played out in history. DDB then transimitted a live stream from the square, which become the largest live stream event in Australasia`s history.

A challange was posted to the world by  encouraging the fans to make their voice heard and bring down the king through the power of social media. Every tweet that include the hastag #bringdownthe king would turn the winch and pull the rope tighter, eventually of coure toppling the evil king. Brandwatch was involved with keeping track of which participants had the highest number of followers. By using brandwatch Analitycs to optimze their activity, DDB was able to record almost 875 000 individual interactions relating to their compain. The campain reached 43 million people in 158 countries, by using Brandwatch Analytics.

End of Class….


Source of information: Case Study SKY, DDB & G.o.T(Game of Thrones)


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