Wow, more E-mail marketing from B&Q

Recently my mail box is bombarded by emails, which aim is to sell goods or services. By sending millions and millions of emails companies are trying to build a close relationship with their customers. The email marketing nowadays is an important go-between companies and customers (McCloskey, 2006 and Chaffey et al., 2003).


Most of the time the emails have really catchy names so they can attract your attention, but once that has happened there we go again, another thing to draw your attention: weekly, monthly, seasonal promotions, discount, 50%-80% cheaper price, promise to beat any other retailer prices and so on.

When initially opened, the email revealed a nice welcoming picture, which sometimes could be personalized with your name or just general. That depends on the company’s approach towards its customers.


With Christmas approaching soon, the animation is a vital part of the email marketing, but do i really want to buy something from that particular retailer, hmm…..? I’m not totally convinced, but just scrolling down the page boom… another offer. That offer requires me to click on the link or to to print out the voucher which is valid until the 6th of December 2015. This is so called “Call To Action” which of course diverts you to their website with even more discounts, etc.





B&Q have used a good way to approach a potential customer when their emails are mainly pictures and not too much writing which is really annoying sometimes, by the time you have read the whole email the begining of it is forgotten already.

I personally never use any promo codes or online discounts as the retailer is always trying to trip you up and get you to buy goods or services which are not a necessity at the moment.  My opinion about B&Q’s email marketing is that they should personalize the emails by using greetings including your name or nickname.


Overall the campaign is well made and delivered to the customers. B&Q have achieved their target by making people more aware that Christmas is coming and there isn’t time to waste: start buying presents and Christmas decorations.




(McCloskey, 2006 and Chaffey et al., 2003) Web advertising: The role of e-mail marketing. Journal of Business Research. Volume 65, Issue 6, June 2012, Pages 843–848