Resources to use with students

During tutorials, you may wish to direct students to appropriate course-based and institutional resources to help them with different aspects of studying (links to the latter at  the main Helping Students to Learn page) .

In addition, there are some aspects of studying where personal academic tutors can play a particularly important role directly, such as helping students to get organised, manage their time effectively, and understand and use feedback on assignments to develop their skills. Of course there is plenty of advice already available on these topics, but many students just don’t read or act on it without some tutorial encouragement.

On this page we will be adding some editable documents to help students work through these issues with you. In an online tutorial on Teams, you could upload any of these to the Files section of your Chat area, and then edit collaboratively while you talk.



Dr Bhavik Patel gives his key tips for new Personal Academic Tutors


Students discuss academic development through Personal Academic Tutoring


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