Guidance for Tutors

This section of the site contains some general advice followed by links to subsidiary pages dealing with different aspects of the tutorial role

Personal Academic Tutoring Guide for Staff

This downloadable guide, which should be read in conjunction with the more detailed advice and links on this site, provides a brief introduction to the role, including advice on:

  • managing expectations
  • running initial meetings,
  • questioning & listening skills,
  • dealing with common concerns
  • referring students to specialist support.

Sample Tutorial-Record-Form Here is an editable version of the example shown in the Guide for Personal Academic Tutors, designed to help students prepare for tutorials and record agreed action points. A variation suitable for first meetings includes some additional prompts that may be useful. Tutorial-Record-Form First Meeting

For Teams-based tutorials, you can upload these to the Files area and then edit them together. But before using either of these check whether your School has its own forms and procedures

Online Tutoring

Please note that the guide above was written before the move to online tutoring due to Covid-19. We have a new section on Online Tutoring with initial advice and links to the Teaching Contingency site for practical tips. We will  shortly be adding more detailed advice in relevant sections on conducting online tutorials.

Tutorial ‘Technique’ -Listening & questioning

Success for All: Working with specific groups

Student Lookup

The Student Lookup tool allows Personal Academic Tutors and Course Leaders to look up the student record details for students they are responsible for.

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