Policies & Guides

Policies & Guides relating directly to Personal Academic Tutoring

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  • NUS Policy on Personal Academic Tutoring
    NUS Charter The University of Brighton is signed up to the NUS Charter on Personal Academic Tutoring. This poster explains what that means in terms of what the university provides for students and the standards that it meets.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy acknowledges the duty of higher education in promoting equality of opportunity and furthering social inclusion.
  • The University¬† Equality & Diversity Pages include a number of other relevant policies and charters, as well as information on equalities training and networks relating to specific groups

School Guidelines on Personal Academic Tutoring 

Following revisions to University PAT Policy and School restructuring, each School will provide students and staff with guidance on how the Policy is implemented locally. Please contact your Student Engagement lead if you have not received this.


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