Storytelling workshop

This afternoon I took part in a storytelling workshop with Claud. It was great and I highly recommend following their blog. Claud sent myself and the other members of the group some materials to work with, one of which was a person-shaped paper cut-out. Our first activity was decorating our paper person. I made a dress with some socks, because stripes and colours make me happy. I also had some pink thread I use for sewing, which I couldn’t resist using as my hair. As we made the characters we spoke about other characters we like in movies and TV. I found out that there was a lot about Star Wars I remember as a child! I could recall that my favourite vehicle was the AT-AT. I’m looking forward to next week!

Paper person and stress zine

Paper person and stress zine

I also took part in an InsideOut workshop organised by Brighton Students’ Union this evening. The workshop was on stress and managing workloads. I decided to make a zine during the workshop rather than take notes in a plain notebook. Last year I started making zines in meetings rather than take notes; I’ve found it quite helpful because I realised when writing I just copy what the person has said but when I try to make a visual representation I spend more time on re/arranging my ideas.

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