January 12

Taking on fear

Everyday this week I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Spirit Junkie deck and reflecting on it.

Instead of taking on the fear of others I reflect love.

I like the appearance of this card. I had a one-to-one in my workplace today. I always get so worked up about them; not sleeping the day before and experiencing the usual fight or flight symptoms. The feedback was good. It’s always good. I don’t know why I worry but I do.

Tomorrow I have a tutorial with Jo, and I’ve been think about how to read my portfolio. I don’t have a contents page or much categorisation because I want my portfolio to be a continuous document. But I also am aware that I’m submitting it for assessment, so it needs to have a starting point. Or some sort of way to navigate it. I am trying to think of ways to progress without order or a guide – because my practice is collage, as such, I’d like my portfolio to be read like a collage.

I love my art practice. I wish everything felt as good as making art.


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