May 30


This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is making the most of your time.

I touched on productivity in previous EdublogsClub posts (namely workspace and challenge). When my mental health is at it’s best I’m a super-organised and enthusiastic person. When I’m in a low, focus is almost impossible. I tend to fall at the first hurdle and never get up. It’s just the way it goes. What helps me is knowing the moment will eventually pass and I’ve got no reason to beat myself up about it.


One of the ways I make the most of my time is by owning it. I calendarise my projects, work week and my social life. I share my calendar with colleagues. This technique minimises distractions. I’m less likely to log into my work emails when I’m studying or visiting relatives. And I stop feeling guilty about not replying straight away because I know people can see I’m on another project or away from work. Calendarising reminds me to try to keep to schedule – if the allotted time has passed and I haven’t finished my task I am reminded that I’ve chipped into something else. The overlap gives me pause for thought – and a chance to ask myself questions (eg. Is my piece of work bigger than I first expected? If so, why is that? and Do I need to reassess my workload?…) and take a small break to reevaluate my day.

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  1. Catherine Temple

    I also think it is important not to feel guilty about breaking from your schedule, just get back on the bus and start again. Electronic calendars certainly make life easier and sharing it with others should mean you should get less interruptions when you are busy.


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