Hundred word challenge


Tilt the screen to and fro
Until you see the spectrum
Beside the glow

Borders cannot envelop what is free
So why do we build a fence
Between you and me?

Reach for the sky
Touch the above
Always aim high

Listen to the sound
Of wind through trees
Caressing the ground

The red-clothed being
Surveys the path ahead
Questioning and seeing

Habitat appears dry
But search deeper
And there’s life

Tousled hair
Prickly grass
Fuzzy air

Hostile earth
Dividing all
Since birth

Writing one hundred words
Prompts me to remember
An old favourite verse…

A Hundred Lovers by Josep



This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is advice for new teachers.

Obviously I’m not a teacher. I have been thinking about becoming one on and off for a decade. However, I have multiple fears that impact my ability to do this role and I have imposter syndrome just from being in academia, so teaching would be my current mindset multiplied by infinity.

Whenever I think about how ill-prepared I am, I always think about how I’d like to teach like Wendy Ashall. I thought Wendy‘s seminars were brilliant. She taught me on my Access to Higher Education course and again on my Award in Education and Training. In the latter she told my group something that stuck with me, and I’ll try to paraphrase her:

In the first year, you write the syllabus and have to adapt it as you go along. In the second year, you tweak it using the feedback and experience from the previous year. In the third year, you feel more comfortable because the course seems to work well. In the fourth year, the course is cancelled so you have to develop a new syllabus.

These words stuck with me because they helped me realise that great teachers are also learning as they go along, and even they have nervous moments and doubts. So it’s OK for me to have them too.

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When do we need to talk about careers?


This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is catch up week.

I looked through the last page of EdublogsClub posts I have written. I noticed a theme. I do not do the things I love in my job. There are many things I love doing (being creative, blogging, supporting people, questioning the status quo…) but I rarely get the opportunity to do them in my job. In fact, I don’t know what kind of job I would be in where I could do all these things.

Careers words on a Scrabble board

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This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is being the expert.

I struggled with this prompt. Mainly because I had a rough day yesterday after receiving a job rejection nine days before the closing date. I’m finding it hard to feel like an expert…

Then I remembered that I had offered to show a friend around Mahara‘s demo site because they were applying for a job that involves using eportfolios. I couldn’t find the specific eportfolio their institution use, so I thought I’d use Mahara as an example. Also, I love Mahara and it feels good being able to tell other people about my interests.

To log in, go to and follow the log in instructions. The demo site is helpfully set up so you can see what the eportfolio would look like with different levels of access. I recommend starting as a student.

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