A bunch of stuff I’m not looking forward to is happening soon. It’s layer upon layer upon layer of nope. I’m trying to forget about the stress that is about to hit me, but it’s hard.

On top of that, I’m struggling with some health problems related to food. I’m not sure if they are the cause or effect of the stress but they are making day-to-day life really difficult. I’m often running to the bathroom up to four times an hour. And I’m late to work or leaving earlier because I’m in too much pain sitting down. I can’t relax at my desk because I’m worried about when I’ll next need to run to the bathroom.

I often want to cry because it’s so embarrassing and it’s not really an issue that people feel comfortable talking about. So it’s not like I can even get sympathy from people. Not that I’m looking for sympathy. I’m just hoping I can explain to people why I’m running off all the time.

Sadly wheat seems to be the trigger. Which, as a broke person, is involved in one or two of my meals a day.

On the bright side, I’ve discovered a new favourite thing. And that’s ending the day with a nice long walk and jumping into the shower when I get home. Afterwards I get straight into bed and fall asleep while my skin is still cool. My minty shower gel helps. Which brings me to…

Give Away

I have put a couple of miniature bottles of Original Source on WarpIt (only staff can log in). If you are a student and you’ve stumbled across this blog post and would like a bottle, leave me a comment and if the bottles are still around next week I’ll send it to you.

… And I’ve found out Swans are touring the UK again next month.

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