April 20


Occasionally I receive invites to open days. I normally delete the emails right away but I saw that Kent were doing postgraduate-level taster courses. And I was a little bit curious as I had previously been tempted to do MA Contemporary but I didn’t think I’d get offered a place so I just pushed that idea aside for a few years.

I wasn’t interested in the taster courses but I saw some self-development courses and clicked to find out more about Writing for Wellbeing.

I hadn’t heard of Journal to the Self before (though the front cover of the book looks a little bit familiar). But it sounded like something I’d like to read. So I searched for the title and found journaltherapy.com This site is just what I’m looking for at the moment. My writing often stagnates when I’m not learning and/or in a period of precarious employment.

There’s a short guide on the website to get you started if you think journaling might be of use to you journaltherapy.com/lets-journal/a-short-course-in-journal-writing

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