The Malagiri School

the children running

Happy days in Malagiri

The rainy season has started in Malagiri – this is of course very important for farming. Thankfully there are also dry times and the children can enjoy sports.

the children doing exercisesThere are not many level spaces in Malagiri and so the school playground is a wonderful resource.

For the new young children there is always plenty of fun and laughter during the school day.

Many of the little ones have older siblings already at the school and they have been looking forward to coming to school too.

In the evening the school is used for the women’s tailoring class.

All the participants are excited and enthusiastic to attend and listen carefully to everything the teacher is explaining. Soon they will be able to sew items for their families.

  • a woman using a sewing machine

The beautiful and colourful flowers in the school garden bring so much joy and happiness to everyone. Please enjoy looking at our photos.

  • a red flower

Sending warm greetings from Malagiri.  

Kerry Burnett • June 15, 2022

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