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After two years of Covid travel restrictions, during which time no westerners could visit Malagiri, at last travellers arrived at the school and what a welcome they had with great celebrations.

The Malagiri community and the school looked joyful and full of colour, music played, staff and children danced as you can see in our video below.

Founder of Trinity, our sister Malagiri School support group in Sweden, Carin and Kristina were so happy to have such a welcome after their long absence but they had also written themselves a big ‘to do’ list.

This included a Women’s Group meeting where they discussed many different topics. Arrangements were made for the revival of the sewing group then it was time for fun and games with balloons.

Carin read a new story to the children for them to illustrate and Kristina gave the classes a health check of height, weight and teeth and provided a supply of fluoride toothpaste.

Visits to former pupils were made in Malagiri and in Kathmandu to ask how they are getting on. The children also shared some of their interests and hopes for the future.

During this time the Nepal government brought the vaccination programme to the school then Carin and Kristina along with former head Anita attended an important meeting –

Anita wrote: “We went to meet the Local Representatives & leaders to talk about our Suicide prevention program at the municipality level at Malagiree & other places. They were very positive about the project & our Doctor Kunsang & Doctor Bina also talked with them about different issues related to psychiatric consultants & health camps.”

Of course along with serious meetings it is good to relax with friends and have an adventure. A visit to tourist spot ‘Norway Dhunga’ was beautiful, with views and stone sculptures everyone had an enjoyable and fun, exciting time.

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Kerry Burnett • April 29, 2022

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