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a lone child walking down the hill from school

New year update and photos

children on the road to schoolHappy New Year 2021 everyone!

We hope you enjoy this update from the Malagiri School and the superb photos.

The winter holidays are over and happily the Malagiri School is now open for the new term.

Excited children make their way along the Rajpath Road which borders the school, looking forward to seeing their friends and the teachers.

Looking smart and organised others wait in the playground carrying their book bags.

a group of children with their school bags

When everyone has arrived, said Hallo and listened to the teachers it’s time for a few exercises before going into class.

the children lining up with their teachers

It’s so inspiring to see those enthusiastic confident faces in the classroom photos.

a smiling group of children in their classroom

a group in the classroomThe children know they have kind creative teachers who will make the day interesting, help them to learn many wonderful skills and give them the opportunity for a bright future.

the sun streaming through the window onto the children

the children eating their lunchthree children look at the camera as they eatThe children will also be looking forward to the hot cooked lunch which the school provides daily.

Life is hard as a subsistence farmer on precipitous Himalayan hills and supplies from last year’s crops need to be carefully rationed to take families through to the next harvests.

The promise of the coming growing season shows in the glorious crimson Bourganvillea overhanging the view as children line up for post-lunch play.

a view from above of the children in the playground

An advantage of living in a remote area seems to have been a protection from Covid-19.

The few visitors have been very careful with washing hands, wearing masks and keeping distance and no one seems to have caught the virus.

the children lining up outside waiting to go back into schoolchildren walking up the stairs to the schoolLike those in poorer areas of big cities in the UK, for those living in Kathmandu on a small income it has been difficult and complicated, with many families doing their best to isolate in one room.

children walking up the stairs to the schoolSome schools that have been closed for most of 2020 are now this week opening, while other schools and colleges remain closed.

Families with technology have been able to access some online learning.

At the end of the school day children and teachers make their way up the steep steps to the playground, line up, say their goodbyes and head for home.

What a wonderful day!

a lone child walking down the hill from school

Kerry Burnett • January 20, 2021

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  1. Maxine Toff January 23, 2021 - 5:46 pm Reply

    Thank you for keeping me in touch with Malagiri, it is impotant to me to hear this news.Maxine Toffsowsacts

    • Denise Fossey January 30, 2021 - 3:40 pm Reply

      Dear Maxine Toff, I’m so glad that you enjoyed our newsletter. Your support and interest in the progress of Malagiri School is very much appreciated.

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