Double bed on gravel in front of red wall with flesh-like sculptures on top of a white duvet



Isolation – is an installation that contains a single steel rod framed bed structure, onto which is placed a duvet that looks as though the bed has been slept in.

Within the folds of the duvet are a number of silicone and latex cast objects of abstracted items associated with the Covid-19 lockdown experience.

These are flesh coloured and have the appearance of skin, the collection piled together suggests a body occupying the bed.

Next to the bed is a contrasting image. A section of fake grass planted with fake flowers suggesting the unattainable dream of outdoor space and freedom.

Isolation invites the audience to enter a disjointed space where the familiar becomes abstracted.

The viewer is asked to reflect on the struggle of living with the mundaneness of isolation, when everyday objects change their value and the void of not knowing when things will end, leads to feelings of discomfort, loneliness and longing. All of which have been experienced by many during the Covid Crisis.


Instagram: @malibuart_