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Fine Art: Sculpture Event 

A live public event took place on 26th February 5pm – 6.15pm to accompany the Acclimate exhibition.

The event featured thirteen short presentations by second year BA Hons Fine Art: Sculpture students exhibiting within the Acclimate exhibition. The presentations provide an insight into each artists development process and offered the opportunity for the invited audience to ask questions about the making of the artworks.

You can watch a recording of this event below.

(Please note some presentations within the recording contain sensitive content in the form of partial nudity and written text containing expletive language).



Exhibition Statement

Acclimate features a diverse range of BA Hons Fine Art: Sculpture artworks exploring topics such as gender, sexuality, human relationships, culture and the lived experience of the national pandemic. Forms of work represented in the exhibition include sculptures, installations, interactive works and photography with materials used as diverse as metal, wood, wool, plaster, cement, found objects and textiles.

The exhibition presents a collection of varied and dynamic artworks from a group of L5 Fine Art – Sculpture students whose agility, creativity and determination to make and show work in the public arena, despite challenging conditions, shines through.

The artists in the exhibition began making artworks in course studios and workshops in socially distanced ways. As they approached refining and finalising their artworks for public exhibition, they received the government December directives for students to return to their homes, which was swiftly followed by the January national lockdown.

Rethinking ways to keep working while honouring the material and the physical they adjusted projects in response to these changed circumstances. Exhibitors adapted working methods for small living spaces, revised artwork development to embrace different materials and found relevant outdoor spaces to photograph artworks.

Every generation has situations which impact on the way life is lived and artworks are made. The 2021 L5 Fine Art: Sculpture students have met the extraordinary challenges of the past year head on, reminding us that artworks prompt ways of addressing the important issues of our time through engaging us in reflective thought and feeling.

The exhibitor’s resourcefulness, creativity, boldness and intelligent creative problem solving has resulted in a stimulating and inspiring collection of artworks.

Acclimate exhibitors, your staff salute you for your “can do” spirit and all you have achieved.

Audiences, we welcome you to the 2021 exhibition Acclimate.


Suzanne Hutchinson

BA Hons Fine Art: Sculpture and BA Hons Fine Art Course Leader

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