At intermission, the curtains pull to a close.


Drawn together, they signal a finishing or a not yet beginning, something that has been, or something that is yet to come.  The work shown in this catalogue and the digital exhibition it accompanies, although differing in material and method, has in common its ruminations on these two notions. Those that look to the before, present sentiments of memory, investigate the buried, meditate on the lost and preserve the remaining. Those that look forward, question the rituals of the modern world, inquire about advances and dream of new landscapes.

Curtains do not just signal a starting and an end. They also conceal and thus, reveal. Work here does this too – objects, subjects and concepts are covered up, hidden to either invite contemplation or cease it, and as much is unfolded, laid bare, luring the voyeur while interrogating motive and moral.

Both dual functions of the curtain provoke curiosity and tension. Much like the audience in waiting, the students at work are ready for whatever’s next to begin.

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