Over the last 12 months, ‘unprecedented’ has probably become the most overused word in the world, repeated in headlines on an almost daily basis to reflect change and challenge that has been beyond comprehension, and that has left us bewildered, unanchored and bereft.

But unprecedented hasn’t always had such negative connotations, and it is therefore with joy and optimism that I am using the word to introduce the work of our Level 5 Fine Art students this year.

…..unprecedented as in ‘extraordinary’;

…..unprecedented as in ‘unmatched’;

.….unprecedented as in ‘unparalleled’.

Against all the odds, our students have produced work that shows commitment, passion, skill, knowledge and vision.

Work that is provocative and unafraid; that poses questions; that reflects but remains curious.

In doing so, they have shown themselves as determined and resilient –unmatched, unparalleled and utterly extraordinary.

It is with enormous pride therefore that I am writing to introduce the L5 Fine Art Show 2021, knowing our creative future is safe in the hands of these students and their peers; as the world re-evaluates, repositions and rebuilds, we need this next generation of creative thinkers and artists more than ever before.

If you can, please take time to visit the work of each of our students. Above everything else it is uplifting!

We are incredibly fortunate in the School of Art and the School of Media to be a really strong team. Over the last year ‘making the impossible possible’  has become our strapline, and replanning to realise this show in just over a month as a result of the current lockdown is another of the many examples of this…. THANKYOU EVERYONE!



Amanda Bright
Dean of the School of Art+ Media*
February 2021



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