Today we had our briefing for our second part of our research project.

We have 4 weeks to reseach for our final major project. We have to visualise our dissertation and write a statement of intent and make a gant chart.

After this I went to the library to work on my trend book in photoshop and indesign. I’ve been coming up with a name and these are my choices :


This week I have been looking at Li Edelkoort and trend tablet. I have decided for this project I am going to make a trend book supporting the slow fashion movement. Li Edelkoort is a fashion forecaster and they predict upcoming trends. They predict:colours, fsbrics, textures, mateirals, prints,graphics, beauty/grooming, accessories and footwear.

I have decided to do mine about plants and nature and as eco friendly as possible. I found a magazine called Bloom Magazine which was founded by Li Edelkoort and got lots of inspiration.


Today we had a session with Jules and Susie.

We discussed many topics to do with activism and peace and prosperity such as; Nastywomen movement, climate change, recycled clothing, women’s march in LA and a past exhibiton at the V&A which I had visited a few years ago called “Disobedient Objects”. We also discussed artists such as Susan Ciacolo, Kate Maguire, Johnathon Barnbrook, Roland Bart, Jessica Obden, Susan Sonterey and Kate Fletcher.

So far I really like the idea of doing something to do with Slow Fashion, as it seems like a topic that would be really beneficial to the environment.

Over the past week I have visited the Gregory Crewdson exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. I really enjoyed it and loved his use of narrative. Here are some photos from it :