I have submitted my work on turnitin. I’ve also updated and finished my website. I handed in my physical portfolio yesterday.

Evaluation of portfolio project :

I am pleased with my portfolio project. I decided to keep my physical portfolio quite minimal. I didn’t want to add titles or descriptions as I felt writing would have not looked great. I wanted the A3 sheets to just be images. I have included more info(titles, descriptions and other project) on my online portfolio. I also included more work on my online portfolio as I felt this wouldn’t look overcrowded. I wanted my physical portfolio to be simple and image heavy which is what it is. I am happy with my CV and business cards as i think they look professional and get my style of work across well. I didn’t include much work from past uni projects as i feel that I wanted my portfolio to portray the kind of work i want to do more of in the future. i also felt that due to my difficulties with my course and mental health, lots of my uni work is not representative of the best of my abilities and i am not that pleased with many of my past projects. In the future I’d like to illustrate childrens books and i feel that the portfolio I’ve created shows these abilities. I also included an A4 printout of my careers database in my portfolio. I like that the sheets in my portfolio are separate because this means its easy to edit and add and take away things should i feel it necessary in the future. I am also really happy with my website as I’ve never created a website before and I spent a lot of time and effort on it and I feel it looks professional and the layout is clean and clear. I look forward to adding more work to it in the future. Overall I am proud of myself and am happy with this project.


Today is the official hand in date but I have an extension so I am aiming to get it all finished and handed in by the end of the week !

All I’ve got left to do now is upload my artwork onto my website, print my physical portfolio and print my creative resume.