This afternoon I had a tutorial with an illustration tutor, Chris. I brought in all my artwork and we sifted through them and decided which ones were my strongest work and what I should include in my portfolio.

I have decided not to include work from many uni projects as I feel that work is not my best and does not define me as an artist. Chris told me to only include artwork that I enjoy doing and would like to do again, as I wouldn’t want to create something I didn’t want to. We narrowed it down to 12 and I’m happy with those pieces.

Chris advised that I develop these pieces further and to keep a sketchbook on me at all times. He also told me to check out illustrators Catell Ronca and Olivia Bullock.


Today I had a a tutorial with Mark and asked him to explain everything to me as I was feeling a bit confused and wanted to know what I needed to do. This tutorial really helped and I feel a lot more positive. He advised I make my physical portfolio a3. He also showed me his creative resume and explained what i needed to include in my careers database. He also told me to have a tutorial with an illustration tutor Chris this week as he feels Chris would know how to advise me.


Website Design

Over the past few days I’ve been trying out three different websites to create my online portfolio; Wix, Cargo and Squarespace.


I did some research and had a look on a website called designbombs at the types of website that could be made using Wix and these were some examples:

I then had a go at using Wix myself:

They had a good choice of templates.


I felt like there wasn’t as much choice as Wix.

After a few days my free trial ended and so I decided to give up on my squarespace website as I don’t want to have to pay just yet.


I also tried using Cargo:

I really liked all the templates but found them hard to use !