Trekstock Final Statement:

I researched previous Trekstock campaigns and really like the Yellow Bird Project where Trekstock got different bands to design t-shirts. I liked how this targeted youmg people who may not have known about Trekstock. This also made me think about how bands often have tote bags aswell as t-shirts to promote their bands. I wanted to create something very inclusive and so I focused on Wellbeing because this affects everyone. There is a Wellbeing section on Trekstock’s website with lots of tips and recipes for a healthier lifestyle. I decided on making designing tote bags because they are inexpensive to make, act as a mini billboard, good for the environment and also very fashionable at the moment. Although my final designs will be more popular with girls and women due to their floral pattern, I feel like they will be a success because everyone needs to look after them selves and feel good about them selves.