Today I came up with a name for my zine; PANIC. I chose this name because it sums up anxiety very well using one word and also after researching anxiety and artists that use anxiety as a subject I felt that it was a good word to use. It is a very strong word and I feel it captures the meaning behind it perfectly. I like how sharp and eye catching it is.


This week i have been carrying on my research into zines and anxiety. I have been looking at artists such as Gemma Correll, who often explores anxiety as her subject. I like the way she draws, it’s quite childlike. I also like how she makes a depressing subject quite light hearted. She doesn’t do it in an ignorant way because it’s clear she has a good understanding of the subject and perhaps struggled with it herself.  She writes down thoughts and it can show how ridiculous anxiety can make people act and think. Its as if she is trying to get people to see the funny side of things. I was initially drawn to her work because she captures how I have felt and I felt some comfort in her work.


Today I started back at uni after having a year off. I’m starting where I left off last year so have joined at the beginning of the new project. We had the briefing for our new project : AD138- Fashion Illustration and Imagery. In the next few weeks we will be creating our own fanzines and e zines.

For our initial research we could research a number of different thing; these included paintings, narrative poems, sculptures and songs/song lyrics. I chose song lyrics. I found it hard to pick a song so I just chose the song I happened to be listening to. It’s one of my favourite songs, it’s called Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds.