Brighton Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Creating a Hedgehog Friendly Campus

We are excited to announce that the university has joined a national scheme to boost the numbers of hedgehogs living on land owned by the University of Brighton and increase awareness about their plightThe British Hedgehog Preservation Societyregistered campaign sets out series of staff and studentled goals that if met will improve conditions for the prickly mammals living across our campuses  

A cartoon hedgehog wearing a mortar board next to the text "Hedgehog Friendly Campus"

To keep up with how we are making the university a more hedgehog-friendly place, please follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be posting regular updates. Ella Scott, a student involved in the project, said: “We’re actively recruiting members and holding our official online launch event at 17:30 on Thursday 26th November, including a hedgehog-themed quiz!”  

Dr Bryony Tolhurst, Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology, said: “While we know hedgehogs live across our local area, we don’t how many there are on our campuses, and we need to manage UoB premises to attract and maintain them. With help from students, we’re hoping to conduct hedgehog surveys and deploy measures to promote their safety, numbers and wellbeing. 

Finally, with bonfire night approaching it’s particularly important to remember the annual risk faced by sleeping hogs. You can help by checking all bonfires carefully before lighting. If possible, the entire pile should be re-sited before being lit, if not possible, use broom handles to lift from the base of the pile, and shine torches, looking and listening carefully for any signs of life.  

Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) populations in Britain were recently classified as Vulnerable to extinction. Image: Hrald (CC

By Dr Sam Penny


  1. N¡na Said,

    November 5, 2020@ 9:07 am      Reply

    I am looking forward to this first event!

    • Ella Scott Said,

      November 17, 2020@ 6:28 pm      Reply

      Thanks Nina, looking forward to having you join us and good luck in the quiz! If you want any information please contact any of the committee members here or via FB, Instagram and email. We look forward to meeting you

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