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We are pleased to be getting started with the campaign, welcoming new students to the committee, raising awareness on campus, working towards next actions and planning the launch event.

Special thanks to Kayla Potter-Jones, MSci Ecology and Conservation graduate, who has provided us with her blog post ”Give a Hog a home” which is all about gardening for hedgehogs. Kayla is an aspiring ecologist and conservationist, who recently graduated from University of Brighton. With aims to inspire others to learn about and support their local wildlife! In her blog post, Kayla covers:

  • Gardening for hedgehogs
  • Hedgehog highways
  • Supplementary food and water
  • Hedgehog houses
  • What to do if you find an injured or sick hedgehog
  • and the signs of hedgehogs in your gardens

To check out Kayla’s blog post head to: Gardening for Wildlife-Hedgehog

Also available to find on Kayla’s Instagram account, blog website:

The points that are focused on line up with our main focuses, on spreading awareness of actions that can be taken to provide for hedgehogs and protect them. In future HFC events we hope to address these issues and look at what can be done to help hedgehogs in more detail and on campus and in your own gardens.

A quick reminder of our official online launch event at 17:30 on Thursday 26th November, including a hedgehog-themed quiz, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes available!

At our launch event we will also be introducing the Big Hog friendly lock-down litter pick, which we have added the university to. Hedgehogs are covered in thousands of spines, making them vulnerable to becoming trapped in litter. Unfortunately, many hedgehogs die every year because of this. Taking part in the competition will clean up your community and save lots of animals. For further details about the event and how to take part head to our Facebook page and come along to our launch event.





Keep an eye on our blog posts and social media channels for the campaigns progress and information and advice about hedgehogs.

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