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Bronze award

We are excited to announce that the University of Brighton is now a Bronze level Hedgehog Friendly Campus!  We have spent the last year campaigning to increase awareness around the threats that hedgehogs face and liaising with our grounds teams to instigate more hedgehog-friendly management practices across our campuses. To achieve Silver Accreditation we hope […]


Hibernating Hedgehogs

Here in the UK Hedgehogs are one of very few mammals that truly hibernate, using this as a strategy to survive during the winter months when their food sources are scarce. Other species in the UK may adopt daily torpor (a reduced state of activity) like birds do, or under go a shorter period of […]


HFC News updates and Gardening for wildlife blog

  Hedgehog friendly campus We are pleased to be getting started with the campaign, welcoming new students to the committee, raising awareness on campus, working towards next actions and planning the launch event. Special thanks to Kayla Potter-Jones, MSci Ecology and Conservation graduate, who has provided us with her blog post ”Give a Hog a […]


Creating a Hedgehog Friendly Campus

We are excited to announce that the university has joined a national scheme to boost the numbers of hedgehogs living on land owned by the University of Brighton and increase awareness about their plight. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society–registered campaign sets out a series of staff and student–led goals that if met will improve conditions for the prickly mammals living across our campuses.    To keep up with how we are making the university a more hedgehog-friendly place, please follow the campaign on Facebook […]

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